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since 1966

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Manufacturer of packaging plastic and essential partner of the biggest brands in cosmetics since 1966, Sériplast A.T. Packaging company was founded by its current chairman mr André TARTAGLIONE.
The family business is expanding with the arrival in the team of Kevin CENES-TARTAGLIONE grandson of the founder.

‘‘A first innovation leads to another.
I listen to my customers with great attention. The detail can make it’’

André TARTAGLIONE – Chairman



Thank to a wide experience of the injection and as owner of several patents, Sériplast A.T. Packaging has developped innovative concepts.
So it is for polypropylen breakable ampoule dedicated to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, or the ‘Cobra’, built-in pump bottle.

One of the targets of the company is to work on improvements in order to reduce the costs of returns by lowering the number of parts, without harming the functionality as well as integrating ecodesign.

Similarly, Sériplast A.T. Packaging is able to offer new packagings to meet the requirements of the selective market.


We create decoration based on your creativity and requirements such as : ‘silkscreen’, ‘offset’ and ‘hot stamping’ using the latest technology made and managed by Sériplast A.T. Packaging.

As we closely collaborate with regional partners we are able to offer various possibilities of decorations such as ‘metallization (metal plating)’, ‘painting’ and ‘galvanisation’.


Our team spirit

Sériplast A.T. Packaging is built on the enthusiasm, the determination and the desire of its chairman mr, André TARTAGLIONE to go ahead. For such a doing mr André TARTAGLIONE pays a great attention to be surrounded with collaborators sharing his values

Our sense of proactiveness

Sériplast A.T. Packaging has based its development on innovation and proactiveness but also on its ability to propose solutions and adjust to all times and circumstances, the context and expectations and requirements of custumers.

Our commitment

Sériplast A.T. Packaging puts the quality of the customer relationship at the heart of its trade. Commitment, involvement, respect have been the main roots of the company spirit since its first steps.

Our key figures

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Researches & Innovations

Since 1966, innovation at Sériplast A.T. Packaging has been the core of its strategy of development.

Sériplast A.T. Packaging includes a research department within its industrial site in order to complete its research and development teams.
Our team is constantly working on new developments to enhance products of the Sériplast A.T. Packaging ranges.
Sériplast A.T. Packaging put at your disposal its professional teams to allow you to propose your specific costumers on measure products.
From tour very first draft to the finished product, Sériplast A.T. Packaging is your warranty in terms of expertise an commitment.
Our design office team models your 2D project to a 3D one using its 3D printer.
Our engineering team works from the realization of the prototypes moulds to the realization of the industrial tools. Our test center, manages samplings and pre series.


Sériplast A.T. Packaging has been developing and innovating for many years in partnership with B.P.I. which supports it as part of its Research and Innovations and also with the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

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We thank you for your interest in our packaging solutions.
Whatever your projects, our teams are here to advise and listen to you. Feel free to contact us.

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